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Critique partners are like dating . . .


Hello World. Nice to see you again. Yes, it really is me – I am alive and I’m breathing and I’m writing. Well, mostly writing. And editing, of course. The final final version of Watcher will be back up on Amazon.com shortly and it will be free. Yes. I used the “F” word. Make sure you tell all your friends.

Meanwhile, in my quest to be distracted today, I inadvertently stumbled over a FB post from Maggie Steifvater. Maggie is a published YA author and while our styles are pretty different, she’s another VA gal who lives not to far from me and I like her quirky personality. I mean you’ve gotta love someone who keeps fainting goats as pets . . . Anyhow, she’s putting out her annual Critique Partner Love Connection and so I thought, “Why not? I mean I’m cuddly and lovable most days, right?”

What I didn’t really account for was that most people who follow Maggie are also going to be enthusiastic, perky YA people – not something my old-gothic-jaded-self really thought about. I feel about as awkward as that overweight nerd at Comic-Con cosplaying in a home-made Princess Leia slave suit (If you get this then you are one of my people and I love you.) And as the subject line applies, it’s kinda like speed dating, too. Except really really awful in that way where you really like the hot hunky “normal” guy, but you know he’s going to be put off by your purple hair extensions and nose ring. Oh and he’s probably a Christian to boot.

So I’m writing this in case anyone is intrigued and comes to check me out. I don’t bite, I generally shower every couple of days, and I try really really hard to be the best writer I can be. I may not be YA, but I enjoy good fiction regardless of genre.

If you like what you see then contact me via this blog. If not, no hard feelings and good luck finding your CP. Now back to writing.