Je ne regrette rien.

I think I’m not in the right frame of mind to write a blog post as I just wrote probably the longest ranty blog post in my entire indie career. It was spectacular. I swore. I mean I swore A LOT. And I was super evil. That’s normally not me. At least not in public. When it can bite me in the ass. You know what I mean. I deleted the whole thing.

So I’m not going to re-visit my topic(indie authorship, if you can believe it). And I’m not going to allow my brain to go down that rabbit hole right now when I’m obviously already functioning on lots of stress and little sleep. Always a bad mix.

I’ll keep this short and to just updates, some of which you won’t like, but I can’t help that. I have worked so hard, and feel like I’m running in place right now. Kinda depressing, but it’s only a momentary set back. The only way forward is forward and all that.

Anyhow . . .

  1. Betrayer release will be delayed until mid-January, possibly later, but will be out before February 2017.
  2. The new website is also going to be a little later than expected with a launch date around the same time as Betrayer. Gathering assets is taking longer than I thought and eating into crucial editing time so I’m turning it all over to a designer as we speak.
  3. Because Felix and Rose took on a life of its own, I have to start from scratch on my anthology piece and that means Destroyer is being pushed back, too. I’m going to say with some reservation, we’re probably looking at August/September 2017 release date. BUT definitely before end of 2017. Same for the Felix and Rose project.

I’m bummed. But hope springs eternal, right? There’s always hope. And sleep.





Updates and holiday madness


Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week, and got a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones. Maybe you got some great Black Friday shopping in yesterday. I even see that some people have their Christmas trees up, too. (oooh, you lot are organized).

All the frenzy of activity this week has reminded me that we’re entering the publishing dead zone also known as “The Holiday Season”. In about another week, all of us authors will be sitting back either breathing a sigh of relief, or beating ourselves up for not getting our books out before December.

I have mixed feelings about coming into the holidays. As usual, there is a little bit of disappointment for not having Betrayer out before Thanksgiving. A little bit of frustration over not being further into Felix and Rose. A sense of being disorganized as I run around trying to do admin stuff like contracts, invoices, and coursework . . . yes, I’m taking 2 writing courses. No need to question my sanity, I’m already waaaay ahead of you.

But it’s all good.

There are so many things happening right now, really good things, that I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given, and for the undying support of my friends and fans. The next month or so is going to be a whole new level of crazy, some of which I can’t talk about yet, but it’s going to a be a real corker. Stay tuned.

But the things I can talk about:

  1. Betrayer is about to shoot off the proof reader in about a week. After that, a short stint at the formatter, and then we’re into final proofs, baby. Be ready for the release date announcement shortly.
  2. New website contract is sorted and we’re going to be up and running in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times. I might be looking for some beta testers so drop me an email if you’re interested. Free goodies to those who take one for the Overlorders team.
  3. I’m starting to think about the Betrayer release party and swag. Be on the lookout for release party invites sometime after Christmas.
  4. I’m going to be Author of the Day on Here’s a preview if you’re interested in reading my interview.

I think that covers it for now. I’m off to do some homework and blurb writing.




Watcher #1 on Amazon

It finally happened. Unbelievable. Holy wow, Batman.

Watcher is #1 in Urban Fantasy, #1 in Paranormal Suspense, #36 in Kindle books


Aaaand it’s charting across the categories:

  • Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense #6
  • Suspense #2
  • Paranormal Suspense #1
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy #10
  • Fantasy #5
  • Metaphysical & Visionary Fantasy #2
  • New Adult & College Fantasy #2

Editing hell begins

So, I’m back from New England. I’d like to say I’m relaxed and ready to embark on the gruesome journey that is about to come my way, but honestly, I’m not. I’ve got a million and one things going on and some are book-related and some are not.

The book ones look like this:

  • Betrayer edits
  • New website design
  • Betrayer edits
  • Shining Ones logo
  • More Betrayer edits

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00046]On top of that, I’ve come down with the lurgy and so I’m grumpy as all get out. Having to use your brain when you’re blowing your nose every thirty seconds is challenging to say the least. Right now, I’d give anything to curl up on the sofa with my kindle app and a cup of tea, and read for the next few days. But I can’t. I’m already behind on edits so like the good author soldier I am, I’m marching on.


I need a ranty moment.


I’ve been bogged down doing a hack and slash to the front end of Betrayer so I decided to take a break from that Herculean effort to do something I thought would be simple – take out a new character who didn’t show up in many scenes.

I guess I can say it now because he’s toast. Chad Rosen. He was supposed to be the cook for Joe’s new restaurant and a love interest for Haylee Jane. 5’11”, tan, athletic build with curly blond hair and a pair of mocha eyes that reflected his All-American boy personality. A kiteboarder by day. A chef by night. He was a good guy. And good for Haylee.

Now he’s gone. And he’s the second time I’ve tried to give Haylee a love interest. Matt S. got cut from Protector. He was the new waiter at Paddy’s before Katie entered the storyline as a bigger character. That’s strike two.

Will I ever learn? Probably not. I want Haylee Jane to be happy. I love that girl so much that I want her to have her moment. But she’s not the main character and there’s only so many subplots you can juggle at once.

Anyhow, I’m ripping Chad out left, right, and center. It’s surprisingly easy and I can see why my developmental editor told me to drop the unnecessary characters. He isn’t embedded into the main story arc so should be simple, right?

Um, no. There is a scene between Haylee and Poesy where his presence in Joe’s restaurant triggers a piece of dialogue that is crucial to the progression of their friendship. Without his presence, the scene makes no sense. Taking him out means that that dialogue has to happen naturally in another way. And that my friends, is difficult. Because for me, I outline the essential plot pivots way in advance. That’s partly to make sure pacing is better, but also, so they don’t get forgotten.

The thing they don’t teach you in writing class is it’s hard to slot that crap in after the fact. It never quite looks right like a chipped tea cup. Sure, you can superglue the chip back, but the edges don’t exactly meet up. It’s always a little rough, a little less refined. Crucial plot points work best when the work organically grows to incorporate it.

So that’s where I’m at. Trying to figure out how to extricate Chad without having to re-write giant hunks of this book to make up for his absence. Ironic, right? It’s not pleasant, and I don’t want to let you guys down. I want to get this book out this year.

I changed my mind, I’d rather have wine right now then tea. See? That’s the stress talking.

Anyhow being here isn’t helping my time issue, but at least I feel a bit better now. Back to the grind.

xo shawnee