Going Underground


I’m back from Authors After Dark (AAD). It was brilliant and awesome and chaotic and exhausting and every other spectacular word I can come up with rolled into one. It’s probably safe to say that the convention went out with a bang, and that while most people are sorry to see it end (AAD 2016 was the last one), everyone can agree that they had the time of the life.

Including me.

But now reality has come screeching back into the picture, and I’m at Chez Small eyeing up 6 loads of laundry and many boxes to unpack while wondering what now?

The answer is simple: I’m going underground. Again.

Yep. Afraid so. The summer went by way too quickly, and my deadlines went out the window. I’ve got so much catching up to do that it’s not even funny. October is only six weeks away, people. SIX WEEKS. My mind boggles.

There is no help for it, but to barricade myself in my house. Anything short of that means my brain is likely to wander . . . “Look, Squirrel!”

Yes, just like that.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00046]But the good news is that I’m back on Betrayer with a vengeance. The words are easier because I’ve had a week around other authors. Their enthusiasm, support, and amazing productivity is exactly what I needed to scare myself back onto the road of the righteous writer. I’m on it. It’s happening. Woo hoo.

So if you don’t see me around as often here or on FB or Twitter, you’ll know why. But fret not, Betrayer is still on course to be out by the end of year.

Stay tuned.

xo, shawnee