What I’m Thankful For . . . yes I’m late

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very good at the whole blog thing. Yeah, not really good at email either or the phone or any other way that a normal human being keeps up with another human being. I’d like to call it genetic, but I know it’s not true. There are women in my family who can talk on the phone for hours – so that theory is utter bollocks.

And that’s not what this blog post is really about.

No, what this is about is friends. Not an acquaintance, a colleague, someone from your book group, your rabbi, or anyone else who fits your life like an accessory. I mean the real deal. The one. The person who knows you better than you do. Yeah, that friend. The type of friend that you get once or twice in a lifetime. The one that stands by you no matter what sort of cosmic crap follows you around. That friend who puts up with all your neurosis, your fat thighs, your multiple one night stands, and everything else in between. It doesn’t have to be someone who’s known you your whole life, but it helps.

This is what mine looks like. She’ll probably kill me for posting this picture, but she’ll forgive me because she’s that friend (see how that works?).

We may not get to choose the genetic pool in which we spawn from, but we do get to choose who we want in our lives. There’s been a couple of times in the last twelve hours when I thought long and hard about what I had done to deserve the latest melodrama that has erupted in my personal life, like somehow I was being punished. But karma has a way of throwing you a lifeline. So when I was at my lowest point, my one called out of the blue from over 3,000 miles away right at the point that I needed her the most. I’m not making it up. It was like she knew without knowing. It was an almost religious experience and something that never ceases to amaze me about our relationship. Time and time again, she’s always there without me having to do a thing.

And just so you know, she’s highly embarrassed about my PDA and is probably inwardly cringing, but again, she’ll forgive me for that, too.

No matter how low you feel, no matter how much crazy family crap happens (because let’s face it, all families are just one step from Jerry Springer), no matter what things make you lose your belief in humanity, you will always have that friend.

And for that I’m truly thankful.