It’s Friday. I’m hungover.

After a flamboyantly brilliant evening with a host of local ladies last night, I find myself somewhat hungover. Okay, maybe not so much hungover as sleep deprived. For some reason, sleep deprivation is much harder for me. After staggering into bed around 2:30AM, my body promptly thought it was time to get up at 7AM this morning, which seem unfair somehow given how much effort I had put forth to entertain and amaze a large number of female neighbors.

That aside, I was not in a state to write today and therefore took the day off. This meant that I felt guilty for most of the day as I slept (for large parts of it) and then hobbled out of bed to go out and search for lunch at my favorite watering hole, The Villa. So nothing out of the ordinary there, really.

No, what has given me pause for thought is this idea of guilt and how I felt like I should feel guilty for not writing, when in fact, I wasn’t. Guilty that is (or writing for that matter). And then something dawned on me.

Although I wasn’t writing Protector per se, I was still actually thinking about it. Alot. Even while I was bingeing on some good old-fashioned Sookie Stackhouse, I couldn’t help but think about Poe’s situation and how different of a predicament she’s in even though her and Sookie are battling their own demons, so to speak. (ed.-Charlaine thank you so much for making red neck fashionable and enjoyable).

So while I didn’t put down one word of fiction today, it wasn’t all wasted. I got a chance to really think about the plot to the next book. Of course, that meant I was also worrying somewhat about plot holes and that’s definitely not something you want to do hungover. But hey, it wasn’t a complete washout – a bit like dieting – yes, I did eat half a bag of fig newtons, but hey they’re 100% wholegrain and FULL of fiber, right?

On a side note, before I forget, the final edits of the printed version of Watcher have gone through. Fingers crossed that we’ve got a final proof on Monday and we’re ready to go.

Can somebody find me some aspirin?