Today is a day of lists

I’m probably the last person on the planet with a blog.

Well, perhaps, not the *very* last person, but I’m also the same person who had the same “no frills” cell phone for 5 years until about two months ago (texting keyboard, how I love thee). Oh the irony especially coming from a household with

  • 1 x laptop
  • 1 x netbook
  • 1 x iPad
  • 2 x iTouch
  • 2 x Mac mini
  • 1 x Mac book
  • at least 3 monitors over 24″ in diameter
  • God knows how many PC towers
  • and let’s not even start on the gameware

If we ever lost electricity, well, it wouldn’t bear thinking about.

But I digress.

So why the blog now?

Well, in case you haven’t talked to me in a while, I’ve had a bit of a life changer this last year with an incurable disease. Yep, afraid so. And while I’m not supremely comfortable with said disease, it has put things in perspective for me. I am extremely thankful for what I have, which is

  • 1 loving and completely supportive husband
  • 2 zany and somewhat neurotic dogs
  • a great house and garden
  • brilliant neighbors
  • some sorely missed UK chums who put up with me on FB
  • and a group of terrific girlfriends known as the musettes

And on top of all that, I’m writing my first novel, which in case you haven’t noticed is the real reason for this blog, but I was hoping to quietly sneak in that part.