A stranger walks into a bar sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but for Poesy Wharton, it’s no joke at all.

For Poesy, a twenty-something waitress who’s living paycheck to paycheck, life on Tybee Island is predictably normal until Adam Walker drifts into Paddy’s Bar and Grill, the small town dive where she works. Unable to resist his quirky, English reserve and the strange tingling that plagues her every time they touch, Poesy finds herself drawn to Adam even against the advice of her two best friends, Birdie and Haylee Jane.

When bad things begin to happen including the brutal murder of another local waitress, Poesy finds herself caught between the man she wants and a secret world that could take away everything she knows and loves.

Poesy must choose her path wisely or lose everything . . . but did she ever have a choice?


What would you do if the man you loved . . . wasn’t a man at all?

Poesy Wharton now knows the secret that Adam Walker has kept hidden from humanity for millennia, but at what cost?

Already struggling with the knowledge of Adam’s true nature, Poesy has to come to terms with the actions he took to save her life–actions that have left her more, and less, than human. When Adam’s unexplained absences cause a rift between them, Poesy is no longer sure she can trust him, so she must put her faith in a perfect stranger to uncover the truth before everything she cares about is lost.

But that won’t be easy.

Because the killing spree continues across the sleepy little community of Tybee Island, and before it’s over, Poesy will have to confront her biggest fears: that the man she’s in love with may be a killer–or that a greater menace is coming, one that will change the face of humanity forever.


The betrayer isn’t always who it seems.

Though the Tybee Ripper murders have been solved and a killer finally put to rest, danger still remains for Poesy Wharton.

The activation of the deus ex machina has brought unwanted attention to Tybee Island, attention that could expose Poesy’s relationship with Adam Brightstar and ultimately sentence them both to death. Even Adam’s otherworldly gift may not be enough to protect them from a preternatural plot that threatens everything in existence . . . including their love.

Yet it is a secret from Adam’s distant past that may prove to be their ultimate downfall. As an unexpected visitor wreaks havoc between them, Poesy must face her feelings and make a decision that will alter the course of the future – to stand by the creature who would sacrifice himself to keep her, or to run with the boy who desperately wants to save her.

But in the end, sometimes love isn’t enough.